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Xenta Folding Gaming Chair


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The latest generation of games consoles are, in a word, chunky. Once they’re in place, it’s unlikely you’ll want to heft them to a new location when there’s a struggle over who gets to control the TV. Leave the console where it is and, instead, get yourself a highly portable Xenta Folding Gaming Chair. It’s unlikely to settle any debates over who’s the boss of the TV, but the folding chair should allow you a small slice of gaming comfort without the hassle of trying to introduce a new piece of furniture into your lounge. The red-trimmed chair folds in the middle and can be easily tucked away into any number of inconspicuous cupboards and niches when not in use. The folding powers are, however, only the start of the chair’s impressive list of features. Its ergonomic design and rocking dynamic allow amazing levels of comfort, even during extended gaming sessions. The breathable and padded mesh covering helps eliminate heat build-up and irritation that can occur as those gaming hours slip by. Far more than a mere seat, the gaming chair can also be connected to mains power to activate its in-built speaker system. Adjust the volume and bass via a handy control panel incorporated into the chair’s base unit for easy reach. If you’re not alone or it’s late at night, you can connect your headphones directly into the seat. If your mates are round, you can even connect multiple chairs for the ultimate multiplayer experience. Key Features Quality built-in speaker and subwoofer system Breathable micro-mesh fabric for ultimate comfort Connect headphones for a personal audio experience Compatible with all games consoles, media players and video devices Connects via Audio Cable Max weight is 120kg Packaging Chair is folded Covered in a plastic bag Inside brown carton box


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