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Xenta pro E-400 Gaming Chair


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Gaming has a lot to answer for. It’s changed the way we spend our free time. It’s changed the way we build our computers. It’s even changed the way we pass the time in waiting rooms. But who could have guessed it would end up changing our chairs? That’s right, the humble armchair is no longer good enough if you’re a serious gamer. Simply having a place for your posterior and a bit of back rest won’t cut it during the long hours you’re apt to spend in front of your screen. You need something special. You need the Xenta Pro E-400 Gaming Chair. Taking every facet of the gaming experience into consideration, Xenta have dreamed up the perfect solution to chair-based fatigue and distracting discomfort. The ergonomic rocking design with safety lock backrest fully complements your posture while the breathable micro-mesh and microfibre fabrics help keep things cool, clean and comfortable. But the Pro E-400 really comes into its own when hooked up to your games console or other audio/visual devices. The combination of a powerful subwoofer and high-quality speakers creates a soundscape that puts you right at the heart of the action. Get your mates round and connect up to eight chairs together for full multiplayer immersion. A built-in control panel allows you to make adjustments without scrabbling around for a remote, whether you’re lining up a winning headshot or shuffling through your iPod. Need somewhere to stash your games and accessories? No problem. Xenta have also included a handy detachable storage case. Features: Built-in subwoofer for deep rumbling bass High-quality surround sound speakers Connect up to 8 chairs for the ultimate multiplayer experience Breathable micro-mesh safety lock backrest Compatible with all gaming consoles, music players and video devices Adjustable headrest


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