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Moorcroft Twenty Winters Clock


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Moorcroft Twenty Winters Clock, MCR-102. Originally founded as a studio in 1897 within a large ceramic company, James Macintyre & Co. Moorcroft pottery soon made its mark on the world. Today, Moorcroft leads the world of art pottery with its own distinctive design style. We are proud to present this Moorcroft collection featuring stunning pottery designs.. One of Nicola’s first designs featuring snowdrops was Heralds of Spring in 2000, winter irises and a mass of snowdrops bending their delicate white heads around the base of the vase. Nicola’s obvious adoration of the perennial still seeps through today. ‘Snowdrops are a flower I’ve drawn a lot but they’re one of my favourites and I really love their simplicity. I also love using the blue, white and green colour palette’ explains Nicola. The acclaimed designer has now spent over twenty years at Moorcroft.. All articles purchased from We are lovingly and securely dispatched with our elegant packaging.


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